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As far as Optimal Nutrition is the first guide to the optimal diet (how to begin, practical advice for applying the diet in daily life, treatment of various diseases, recipes for a full week's menu), Homo optimus was intended to go further than that. It expands some ideas signalled in Optimal Nutrition which concern not only nutrition and health but human history, condition and behaviour.

Dear Reader,
I have the pleasure of presenting the English version of the book, which was originally published in Poland, in 1996 under the title of Dieta Optymalna (The Optimal Diet). This book which quickly became a bestseller, and remained as such for 4 years, forms the basis of the present book.
The title for the English edition, Homo optimus, was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, as a tribute to the priest, Professor W. Sedlak, whose book entitled, Homo electronicus opened up new frontiers in science, namely in bioelectronics. Secondly, the present book is far more than just an outline of the principles of optimal nutrition. I hope that it will stimulate every reader to seriously rethink what they have up until now regarded as obvious and unchallengeable truths, not just in terms of the human nutrition but also in terms of human behaviour and existence. In this book I have attempted to prove that an individual�s or a nation�s behaviour and quality of their existence (prosperity) are directly and almost exclusively dependent on the quality of their nutrition.
Thus, the optimal nutrition ought to transform an individual into homo optimus, a member of the human species with yet unknown and unfulfilled potential.
My advice, regardless of how convincing it may seem to you, will most likely be rejected and ridiculed by your medical practitioner or nutritionist. But now, the knowledge together with the supporting evidence is in your hand, and ultimately it is you who should be able to decide about your own life and health.

Jan Kwaśniewski

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